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The effect of television for children

Television is one of mass media which usually used by people to get many kinds of information. Television has many functions. Those are : to educate, to inform, to entertaint, and to influence. Those advatages will be gotten by us perfectly, if we use it wisely.

From this article we know that watching television can give great impact for our children, direct or indirectly. If we calculate percentage of children who watch television everyday, we can get shocked result. Almost children in the world surely watch television everyday. And most children plug into the world of television long before they do other activities, likes; go to school, go to bed, lunch, dinner, breakfast, etc.

Children usually watch television just for escaping from their activity in their life . In Television world, fantasy and reality are very difficult to tell apart for children. Television make children can’t focus to their recently activities. Television make them can’t concentrate reading. If our children watch a lot of television, they will get used to it and won’t be able to concentrate at school. Childen who have television in their bedroom cant focus on their homework because of it. Children sleep in midnight or late to sleep because of their habit (watchng television all day).

Television gives big problem (hazard) for children especially on their developing brain. The Maladaptive behaviour (violent and impulsivity) will be happenned because of their habit of watching television all day. Sometimes parents can’t control their children’s activities and that chance always be used by children for watching many kinds of television’s program or film. Not all films or those programs implement education and information side. They just wanna get many profits from their film and program. Many films just implement entertaining side without consider about this impact for children.

Children always do what they see. If it’s about violent, they will do same as what they see is. Watching television can give same basic effects on the brain. However certain content may changes childen’s attitudes or beliefs regarding certain things. For example, watching violent films can increase violent behaviour, and encourage the using of bad language in their daily life. Children always adopt what they see. And children always implement it when they socialize and communicate with other people. Therefore, many cases about violent used to be done by children . Not only about violent, sometimes children also can watch porn films in television, and it will give great impact on their developing brain. When children watch porn films, they always remember it and save it in their memory. In their daily life, when they communicate or socialize with other people (different sex), they already can give different opinions as a man or a woman. But the problem is if children suppose that “making love or MBA” is common activity in their daily life.
Besides, Children who prefer choose watching television to read, usually can’t focus what they listen is. They just give their all attention for television as an audio visual media. Therefore, they usually can’t concentrate their lesson at school.

Television provides easy acces to various kinds of programs and films. Sometimes we cant control my self, and spent most of our time just watch television. And that is the main reason why you have no control over what is coming into your mind, somethings may be good and others maybe bad. For children, over information without control can be causing negative impact on children’s brain. Many negative impact can be appeared by watching television such as, behavioral problem, faltering academic abilities, language difficulties and weak problem solving skills.
Moreover, watching television also can decrase brain activity. It’s because when watching television, the brain doesn’t have construct images by itself. When reading, your brain can make up that images by it self. In the other hand, when watching television, this will be causing the reduction our brain activity. If we rare to exercise our brain by reading book and just watch television all day, it makes decrasing our creativity.

From this article, we can see how great television’s attack in our daily life is. If we can’t control ourselves and also our children, it can give bad impact for our brain and chlidren’s brain. Therefore, we have to make great changes in our habit. Firstly and the last, stop watching television everyday. Spent our time by reading book and make it usual in our daily life. From today, we should practice to stop watching television and change our activity with reading. Because it’s better for our brain.

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