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All of us surely know about problems of gender violence, likes : domestic violence, sex work, or such social problems as “baby dumping.” Violence against women is a violation of fundamental human rights. Many questions are asked whether media is part of the problem or part of the solution to addressing gender based violence. All people still confuse about that, but i think the view in this article is really good. This article can see all views of media and gender case, and it is not easy to judge, which one is true or which one is wrong. So, the point is I really agree with this article. This article not just see from one side, but also can see from two side about gender violence in media. The writer has good views about media as part of problem and also solution for gender violence.

As we know, media has great power to make opinion and give influence to many people. And the inclining of media for show off information or factual news about gender problem, exactly give bad impact and positive impact. Media has often argued that they are just a mirror of society’ in their reporting of gender based violence or any other issue and therefore are not activists. However media is a powerful tool which can make public opinion and social discourse.

Honestly, I disagree with how women's images are transmitted in our media. It is a humiliating image. Working women do not exist. The role of media is an important part of whichever strategy you want in place when fighting against violence. It is not marginal or complementary, it is essential to forming the idea of women.

Besides, this condition to be worst because of culture of society that making women shouldn’t report their wants, because their position which make them be obedient and just silence if there’s gender violence.

In additon, If we see from recently phenomena in this era, Has the media ever been objective? Language of Media is such a powerful tool and yet few realise this. Newspapers and magazines are nearly always quick to focus on a woman's looks, yet they rarely do this with men. The habit of Media that always look strong and profuse, make people believe this news without check it before and, it can give great impact and perpetuate the messagge women is victims, unrealible sources, and nee to be saved. Media regulary tells us about gender violence will give new opinion about women, “ women is weak, women is really different with men, women to be saved, women just must obey whatever men says. And if it happen, maybe, it will be the culture of world society that women is not as good as men.

Although media can give bad impact and negative symbol in which women as a victim. But, why don’t we think about the good impact of gender violence news. Why don’t we think to suppose them not as victim, but as the survivors. So, they can motivate the other girls to fight and to survive. Honestly, if we can think wisely, The function of media to make public opinion can give positive impact for women.

Supposing of women as survivor can give spirit for other give to survive and can be better than men. Our culture truly make us (all women) weak and need to be saved by men. But, because of media, we can open our eyes and open our mind that women is strong, she can fight and she can be better than men.

Moreover, According to article, Absolutely, i really agree what Mc Luhan say about media, media is medium, and medium is message. So media just provider or place for information that we feed in that media. As we know, media surely just medium that just facilitating us to our report, ideas, news, or our intelectual property, so, it’s not fair, if we just judge media as causing of women posisition as a victims. Media doesn’t mean to influence or give impact for society, it just medium and media just reports what is already there. Media doesn’t mean to influence society or make sense that women as the victims. Media just the tools of society to report what society’s mind are or what society’s want. So, if there’s inclining of media to report about gender violence, it is just reflection society’s sense or society’s wants about women.

So, i think, it’s depend on what we write in media is and how society interpret or misinterpret the media. Media can be problem, if we make a messagge or article that symbolize women as the victim and to be saved. But, media will be solution, if we make a message or article that symbolize women as survivors and it can give the strongness of all women to fight and survive.

I guess i get a point about this case, and i think it’s really complicated. We can’t judge anyone, but basicly media as medium to report our ideas and opinions of society has many strengthness and weakness. People create media to help people, but in fact, media can give bad impact for public. We can’t judge anyone, because each of people has human rights to report whatever they want to report. The point is, we have to comes back to ourselves, how we use media is or how we filter all information that we read and we see. Media just reflection what our needed and what our want. As society, we have to know about the role and norms in media, so, we should use media wisely and don’t let our message give bad impact for other people.

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